Site Grading and Paving

Plans for projects of all styles and complexity.

Cardinal Engineering can provide grading plans at any level of detail your project requires. From simple grading around a home to full site geometry layout and design, we can work together towards a solution that fits your needs.

We also specialize at interim grading during construction projects. With years of experience in construction, an understanding of a plan to help you achieve your productivity while complying with regulations is value added to you.

Stormwater Management

No one knows stormwater management like us.

Cardinal Engineering understands the benefits of a properly thought out stormwater management plan. Considering all aspects of the project, we will work together to develop solutions that take into account local regulations, long term impacts to the site, and constructability.

Regardless of your project’s objectives and constraints, we’re here to provide you with expert advice and assistance.


Assisting client negotiations with regulatory agencies.

Permitting your project can seem like a mountain to climb. Cardinal Engineering understands how to navigate these waters, understanding lead time to obtain, requirements to obtain, and what is required to stay in compliance.

Utility and Process Design

Innovative market-leading utility design.

From unique installations to standard water and sewer, Cardinal Engineering can work with you to design a solution that is practical and construct-able.

We also understand what drives each individual utilities’ business. We know their customer base, providing insight on where potential opportunities for efficiencies and cost savings might be gained, or where potential pitfalls or conflicts may be avoided.

Lift Plans

We help rigging operations happen safely and efficiently.

Every lift needs the most careful management, and the most complex crane lift plans require particular support, connecting highly practised engineering expertise & knowledge.

With years of experience in the construction industry, Cardinal Engineering understands safety. Whether required or for your own records, we can provide critical lift plans and assist in your planning of lift processes.

Construction Management

Designing and managing projects from every angle.

Cardinal Engineering specializes in construction. It drives the design thought process to not only save you construction costs, but also gives you practical process to build and manage your budget.

At Cardinal Engineering, the value of the relationship between engineer and contractor is extremely high. We leverage the relationships built over years of experience to bring the professional services of contractors to the table early in the process, gaining your trust and confidence that your best interest is in mind throughout the project.

Engineering Disciplines

Fully servicing your projects.

Cardinal Engineering has broad experience that drives its knowledge base.  However, if your project benefits from areas we cannot directly service, our foundational relationships throughout the industry are at your disposal.

From contractors, architects, register land surveyors, structural engineers, geotechnical engineers, to environmental scientists and more, Cardinal Engineering has the partners to fully service your project needs.